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Bar Ratings

The following bar associations do not issue endorsements, but they do investigate and evaluate judicial candidates to give a non-partisan rating of the candidate’s qualifications to serve. 

BAR RATINGS: Qualified, Recommended or Highly Recommended by all Bar Associations

Bar Associations

  • The Arab American Bar Association of Illinois: Recommended

  • Asian American Bar Association: Qualified

  • Black Woman Lawyers Association: Recommended

  • Chicago Council of Lawyers: Qualified

  • Cook County Bar Association: Recommended

  • Decalogue Society of Lawyers: Recommended

  • Hellenic Bar Association of Illinois: Recommended

  • Hispanic Lawyer Association of Illinois: Highly Recommended 

  • Illinois State Bar Association: Qualified

  • Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago: Recommended

  • Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois: Highly Recommended 

  • Woman's Bar Association of Illinois: Recommended

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