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About Caroline

Caroline the Candidate

Caroline’s commitment and passion for law and justice began in downstate Illinois, as the daughter of a judge and librarian. After earning her undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois she pursued her JD at The John Marshall Law School (now part of the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law) which started her on the path of serving the public. For the last 26 years, Caroline has been a criminal defense attorney and homicide attorney working in juvenile and felony court. All of which has given her a unique and deep appreciation for all sides of a case.

She is a 20+ year resident of Glenview where she lives with her husband Dr. Paul Goodman, a nationally recognized lecturer and podiatric foot and ankle surgeon with Illinois Bone and Joint Institute (IBJI). Caroline and Paul have two children, and in addition, as a life-long advocate for children, she has been a court-appointed guardian to her special needs nephew for the last 12 years.  

Caroline juggles an extremely demanding career as a homicide attorney whose clients’ lives often hang in the balance.  In addition to the joy and challenges of motherhood, Caroline has also found time to give back to the community. She is the past president of the District 225 Glenbrook South Parent Association, an Executive Committee member,  a judge for the North Suburban Bar Association and Empire Mock-Trial competitions for both high school and law students, and actively participates in Women Everywhere a non-profit organization driven by the volunteer efforts and goodwill of attorneys, judges, bar associations, and others in the Chicagoland legal community dedicated to creating opportunities for women and children in need through education and community service.


Not only is Caroline a lifelong advocate for the law, a loving mother, aunt, and spouse she is also a fierce competitor having fought breast cancer and won. It’s her determination and tenacity that will make her the right candidate for judge.



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Reasons why you should vote for Caroline:
  • She has a legacy of experience and a commitment to justice and the community.

  • As a criminal defense attorney for over 26 years, she knows what’s at stake and is a gatekeeper to protecting individual’s rights.

  • She has top Bar ratings as: qualified, recommended, or highly recommended by many Bar Associations including the Women's Bar Association of Illinois, the Hispanic Lawyer Association of Illinois, the Cook County Bar Association; The Arab American Bar Association of Illinois, and others .

  • She has the right judicial temperament we want in a judge.

  • And most importantly she has the qualities required of a judge: fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Caroline hopes she can count on your support.

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